Saariselälle on avattu uusi Pizzeria & Restaurant Fieno alkusyksystä 2022


Herkuttele Saariselällä

Fienon ravintola loihtii mutkatonta, mutta laadukasta ruokaa ja pizzaa Saariselällä. Ravintolamme juuret ovat italialaisessa ja pohjoisessa ruokakulttuurissa, jota tarjoilemme uudella otteella. Olet lämpimästi tervetullut Fienoon isommankin ystävä- tai työporukan kanssa!


"Fieno tarjoaa rentoa tunnelmaa ainutlaatuisilla herkuilla Saariselän upeissa maisemissa"

4.6 Over 134 Reviews
Erinomainen pizza ja affogato. Huippu henkilökunta.
Käytiin viinillä
Inventive and very tasty pizzas in a beautiful setting. Prices a little high, but quality is there to match.
Erittäin hyvää ruokaa. Viihtyisä paikka. Hieno rakennus sisältä.
Fieno has an amazing atmosphere. The pizzas are made in the napolitan style (believe me I know, I'm half Italian, and I have been to Naples), the quality of the ingredients couldn't be better since they bring them from Italy. They have a really espresso machine, and a great barista.
All of the staff are very friendly, and helpful. They always try to make your experience better. We have been two times with my colleague, and we love it so much that we want to return a third with another colleague.
In summer they also have a terrace to enjoy, that was a delight. Both days we went there we used the outside tables, very pleasant to chill, and enjoy the sun.
The concept of the place all in wood is beautiful, and the decoration is of an amazing taste.
The owners work there, they're Italian/Finish. And you can see that they love their place, and want the people to enjoy it too.
It is a must go place if you come to Saariselkä.